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Lice do not fly (thankfully), or jump like fleas, they only crawl, but can move fast. They live only on the head but can crawl off onto contacted objects such as furnishing, car seats, bedding, cloths, hair brushes and the like which is how they are passed on. They can also crawl from one head to another directly. Lice have a lifespan on the head of up to 30 days and in that time lay hundreds of eggs. Yes, Yikes!


Nobody Likes Lice stops this cycle by killing the lice, nymphs and removing the nits / eggs. We give instructions on how to rid home of lice and how to prevent lice. Our service has been quite effective in treating lice in one visit. We give precise follow-up care instructions.


Lice can survive off a host head up to 24 to 48 hours. So all items / clothing that have been in contact with infected person needs to be treated by either drying on hot cycle for 40-50 minutes (washing optional) or put in sealed bag 2-3 days. Make sure to vacuum cloth furnishings, carpets and don't forget car upholstery. You don't need to sterilize the home; a thorough vacuum is efficient. Lice need the heat of the head and its food supply (you) to survive. Lice do not burrow into bedding. They crawl on top looking for another head to live on.


Lice only live on humans; your pets are safe. Lice only live on the head so any other infestation is not head lice and may need to be treated differently.


Important Facts About Lice:

Lice are non-discriminatory; they like everyone from every socio-economic scale. It has nothing to do with general hygiene. In fact, lice prefer clean hair over oily dirty hair because they can latch on easier to clean hair strands. Most schools, no matter where, have had some sort of lice outbreak.


Nobody Likes Lice understands lice. There is no shame to be had; it happens, it's common. We don't think it’s creepy that you have lice. Lice doesn’t scare us. We are in the business of helping you get rid of your lice.


Lice are commonly passed on in situations where there might be head to head contact. Teens can pass on or pick up lice when they share clothing, hair brushes, take 'selfies' together or crowd around with heads together checking out each other’s phones. More children and teens get lice than adults, but yes, adults get lice. It is important to have the whole family that lives together screened for lice so it does not become an on-going problem being passed back and forth. It is very common that if the kids have lice so does mom.


Yes, you can have lice for weeks and not know it, but eventually it will starts to itch or you may see a creepy bug in the sink. And that's the problem! Parents often don't know the kids have lice and it gets passed around for weeks... or parents are embarrassed that their child has lice and may not alert the class or friends they had direct contact with.

More lice Facts:

Lice are a problem and often get worse until all cycles of their life are destroyed.  


The quickest and easiest method is to have a professional head check, then properly treat anyone infected. With Nobody Likes Lice one treatment along with home follow up is all that is needed. We have a 98% success rate with our treatment.


We travel to you with all product and supplies necessary making it much easier to clean and take care of laundry while kids are being treated.



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The abundance of information on-line can be overwhelming. It may also be misleading and/or possibly harmful, like using kerosene!!  Most often these false remedies do not eliminate the lice life cycle.


Many of my calls are after someone has tried an OTC product that did not work. Lice can be an on-going problem if not treated properly.


We travel to you with all the products and supplies necessary to make it easier to start the laundry / vacuum process while the kids are being treated.

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