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We come to you...  No need to bring whole family to a Salon.

Quick, Safe, Easy, Gentle....  Mobile Lice Treatment.


Serving Petaluma to Santa Rosa,

Sonoma and Northern Marin Counties.



Professional Lice Removal Service

We make the process as easy as possible for you.

We are extremely gentle and nice. Promise!  


During treatment you can catch up on homework, read, use your iPad or watch a video.


Unlike other services our rates include the price of all products used during the initial treatment and includes travel cost for a distance up to 15 miles from our Petaluma base.

Lice Removal Services at Reasonable Rates:

Short hair (boy or girl)

Why struggle with lice longer than you need to?   


We come to you so you can get started with the laundry and cleaning process while the kids are being treated.



Text or call for an appointment. 530-412-3218

Petaluma Base Location

Call or Text 530-412-3218 for in-home mobile lice removal.

Leave a message if we dont pick up; we will get back to you right away.


Medium long hair (shoulder-length hair)


Long hair (straight hair past shoulder length)

$120 - $140

Long hair (coarse, curly, and thick hair past shoulder length)

$135 - $150

In-home screening for first or one head


Head check charge is applied to lice treatment if necessary. **Head check is very thourough.






Additional family member’s head screening



**Our head check is done very meticulously. Schools only do a quick check of  'hot spots' but lice / nits can be anywhere on head.  


  *** Yes..... We discount well for treating multiple heads at visit.


Many places charge $90-$120 per HOUR plus increments of the hour so my set prices are less on average. Typical treatment takes about one hour ( more or less) but typically does take longer for long, thick hair.


You will be given clear home follow-up instructions. This is an important step.  Formal recheck not necessary.



        Any calls / texts for support during process are welcome.


***  If second full treatment is needed (2% of time), we do offer 50% off initial treatment price but typically this is not necessary since we aim to get ALL the lice / nits the first time

(severe or resistant cases may need re-treat).  


We have a 98% success rate for clearing head of lice / nits with just one visit as long as preventive follow up care is followed precisely.


Treatment fees may be applied toward your medical HSA Insurance / Flexible Spending Account. Please check with your insurance provider.      

In this case, services are paid in full at time of visit and you will be able to get reimbursed or take money directly out of account. We are happy to provide you with an invoice of services.


We do not bill insurance. Many insurance companies do not consider lice removal a medical necessity.

Lice free kids lice removal service

Teens & adults can get lice

If we are not able to take your call right away please leave a message.


We wil get back to you ASAP.