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Lice go through 3 phases of life — Lice (mature bug), Nymph (young hatched lice) and Nits (unhatched egg). All 3 stages need to be stopped in order to eradicate the problem and stop the on-going cycles of infestation.


Many home remedies may seem to have worked until the next batch of eggs (nits) hatch.

Common over the counter lice products may kill some lice but they are severely drying to the scalp and often cause skin irritations. These products most often DO NOT get rid of eggs. Our method does.

Our Treatment Process:

We begin with a head check to see IF there are any nits / bugs. We do not do a full treatment unless it is necessary.


**A head check of those who have been around same home space or have come in close contact with this person is recommended.


Using an ALL natural, non-sulfite product, the mature lice and nymphs (young hatched lice) are paralyzed, killed and/ or combed out.  This product also helps to release the nits 'glue' like substance


The nits, lice, and nymphs are then manually removed as best as possible, ensuring their life cycle does not continue. This effective process typically can take up to 1 hour or more depending on the type of hair and the severity of the infestation. It is a gentle process, no tugging or pulling out hair.


MOST all places require a follow up appointment 4-6 days later costing another treatment price. This is not necessary with Nobody Likes Lice.

We have precise follow up instructions that are strongly recommended to make sure the lice cycle is completely over.

Typically (98%) no additional treatment is necessary.

( In some very resistant cases (2%)  a re-treat is necessary, this is charged at 1/2 the price of initial treatment.)


It takes 21 days / 3 weeks to be absolutely sure that the lice infestation is eradicated.


Are you looking for safe, gentle and effective lice removal help?


Nobody Likes Lice Petaluma, CA.


MOBILE lice removal service comes right to you.


We only charge by the treatment, our rates are less expensive compared to those of other services.


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