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OMG... I cannot believe how many bugs came out of both my and my daughter's head!!!!! I am SO glad we called Nobody Likes Lice. We felt relieved after treatment, and after following instructions for the next few weeks, we were bug free.        - Christina's mom


What a shock to learn from the school nurse that Marissa had lice. I never had to deal with lice before and wasn't sure what to do. I knew I did not want to use harsh chemicals on Marissa's delicate hair. I called Nobody Likes Lice. They called back within a few hours and were able to come out the next morning. They told me what to do in the meantime. After the first treatment, Marissa was lice free. A few days later, we saw another bug, but they came right out again. After that, we have not had any more lice. Thank goodness...

- Marissa's mom

Lice Treatment at Reasonable Rates

Thank you so much Nobody Likes Lice. I was horrified that my son had such an infestation. I can't believe I did not notice this. Nobody Likes Lice came that same afternoon and got to work getting out all the bugs and eggs. I still can’t believe I did not know my son had bugs. We followed up with recommended home care and follow-up visit, and I am happy to say my son was bug free!!!"

- Catherine S.


I saw a live bug in Ashley's hair and nearly freaked out!!! I'm not sure where she picked up lice. I did use Rid and it seemed to have worked, but a few days later, I saw bugs again. I called Nobody Likes Lice and they were very helpful. They couldn't come out until next morning but gave me some advice to help in meantime. The treatment process took some time, but it seemed to work because I did not see any more bugs after that. They found a few more eggs at the re-check but got them out. No more problems since then. Thank you!!!         - Ashley's Mom


Thank you so much for coming right away. I was relieved to not have to handle this on my own. I did not know what I was supposed to be looking for and certainly did not see the nits you pointed out so easily. Thank you for your professional help and follow up with us.          - Tiffany's mom


Nobody Likes Lice came to my home within a few hours of calling. Sharie was very so gentle with my daughter, who was screaming when I tried to comb through her hair. XXX was free of lice after the first visit. What a relief!!          - Anonymous


Thanks for taking care of our bug issue quickly and efficiently. I wasn't sure what to do.               - Jay's dad


I called Nobody Likes Lice; Sharie got back to me within the hour. I was so relieved that Abigail was clear of lice and eggs after that visit. I followed the aftercare instructions and we had no reoccurrence of the bugs. Thank God!!!        - Abigail's mom


I was happy to not have to deal with this on my own. Nobody Likes Lice was extremely thorough and took care of the lice and nit problem right away.     - Louis' dad.


In a gentle manner, you combed through my daughter's thick head of hair and got rid of all the nits. Thank you, Thank you.

- Doug B


Sharie, owner of Nobody Likes Lice understands the 'creep factor' you have in knowing that there may be bugs on your head.


We try to get to you ASAP.


If we can’t get to you right away we will offer suggestions to begin the process.


I am proud to share these testimonials from past and recent clients.  If you would like to contribute to this you are welcome to share. You don't need to use your name.


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Sharie of Nobody Likes Lice

...I started doing this many years back after helping a friend deal with months of on-going lice cycles on her daughter.


As a clinical health care provider the bug factor does not bother me.


I love working with kids and moms and knew my services were very much appreciated. There was a need in this area so I decided to offer this helpful and much needed service.


Moms already have enough to do without dealing with lice!